Why Marietta?

Are you deciding where to put that new office or production facility? During your review, be sure to consider Marietta.  Why Marietta?  Companies from a variety of industries, particularly medical and technology based, continue to select Marietta to start, relocate, or expand. These have included:
  • Atlanta United FC, 2015 - Atlanta's Major League Soccer club built its headquarters and practice fields.
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute, 2016 - Georgia's premier research institution expanded its offices.
  • Ignite HQ, 2016 - Cobb County's incubator/co-working space relocated just off the Marietta Square.
  • Marietta Technology Center (Home Depot), 2015 - a Fortune 500 company division expanded its offices.
  • WellStar Kennestone, 2016 - Headquartered in Marietta, GA's largest hospital system opened its new cancer center in Marietta.

Top Reasons to Choose Marietta

Easy Access to Markets

Whether you need to ship your product by plane, train, auto, or ship, locating in Marietta allows your company to quickly move your product from the production line to your customer.

Low Cost of Business

In addition to Marietta's already highly competitive office and industrial space costs, take advantage of sites located within opportunity zones for job creation tax credits.

Quality of Life

With a vibrant downtown, museums, art galleries, and national and local parks, there are always plenty of things to do.

Skilled Workforce

According to 2014 Census survey data, 36.1% of City of Marietta residents, 43.8% of Cobb County residents, and 35.3% of Metro area residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.